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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Philadelphia and Blogging

So I arrived in Philadelphia, PA yesterday (early) evening and I felt all kinds of things most of all:


I had originally decided to do a blog (with photos) to document my day to day...but I'm not really a camera person. As in taking my camera out every minute to snap, snap and snap some more and also to make public my (almost) every thought and emotion - hmmm, I don't have a twitter account for a reason....still considering doing the blog though.

Anyway for anyone reading this who has (serious) connections with entertainment/lifestyle/literary magazines, agents and/or publishers (in and around Philly or NY) - CONTACT ME ASAP please: madamepretty@hotmail.com

Thanking you xx

p.s. that is NOT my photo.

To follow my experiences/adventures in Philly, please visit: http://tra-and-tri.blogspot.com/


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