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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Excerpt from 'Coiled Journey' my personal essay published in the new anthology: Hair Power, Skin Revolution.


In the beginning
My sister, cousins and I were on a mission as we scrambled through the chest of drawers, pulling out all kinds of jumpers: brown ones, red ones, sleeveless and cropped ones. We laid them out on the bed, mulling over the possibilities. I picked the brown jumper, Chantelle chose a red one, my sister always went for the black cropped and Sabrina was left with the yellow sleeveless. All realistic colours. As we stood in front of the wardrobe mirror, we placed our selected jumpers on our heads, tweaking and pulling until the coils were covered. Satisfied, we continued to play...

Purchase Hair Power, Skin Revolution to read the complete essay.
(Readers outside the UK can purchase here)


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